10 Seed Catalogs Every Gardener Needs 

Every gardener should explore these ten seed catalogs for a diverse and abundant garden:  

Baker Creek Heritage Seeds  

Baker Creek sells many veggies, flowers, and herbs, including rare and heirloom seeds from around the world. Gardeners love their wonderfully illustrated catalog.  


Burpee, a gardening mainstay, sells vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. Their catalog has great plant descriptions and cultivation tips.  

Johnny's Selected Seeds  

Johnny's seeds and service are renowned. They sell a wide range of veggies, flowers, and herbs and provide planting and growth instructions.  

Exchange seed savers  

Specializing in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, Seed Savers Exchange preserves genetic variety. Their inventory covers rare and traditional seeds and heritage stories.  

Territory Seed Co.  

Territorial sells several seeds, mostly for the Pacific Northwest but adaptable to other regions. Organic and non-GMO choices and thorough growing instructions are available.  

High-Mowing Organic Seeds 

100% certified organic seeds are offered by High Mowing. They specialize on sustainability and organic gardening and offer a wide range of veggies, herbs, and flowers.  

Exchange Southern Exposure Seed  

Southern Exposure sells vegetables, herbs, and flowers from heirloom and organic seeds for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, along with planting advice.  

Garden Renee  

Renee's Garden selects veggies, flowers, and herbs for their distinct features and great flavor. Their catalog has thorough gardening instructions and suggestions.  

Annie’s Heritage Seeds  

Annie's sells organic and non-GMO heirloom seeds. Their catalog offers veggies, herbs, flowers, and seed beginning and garden planning advice.  

Fedco Seeds  

Fedco, a cooperative seed company, offers many northern cold-hardy seeds. They offer organic and heritage seeds and growing instructions.  


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