10 Things to do When You are Angry 

Throw or break something (safely) 

Physically tossing something relieves stress and helps immediately. Have a yard? Get a ball or rocks to throw if you have space.  

Scream – in private

Yelling can release anger and draw you out of blind rage. Screaming into a pillow may disturb neighbors.  

Sing it out 

Play angry music, even if the artist's rage differs from yours. Expressing your anger in the song will help you feel better.  

Dance can express tremendous emotions, especially when you can feel them in your body. Just dance to angry, cheerful pump-up, or no music to release energy.  

Dance it out 

Do a tough workout 

Boxing or sprinting are high-energy alternatives to dancing. You can find free workout videos online or do your own thing, but push yourself and give it your all to release anger.  


Writing may not be your usual method, but if your mind is full with furious thoughts, it can help.  

Draw or paint 

Art is often a powerful way to confront your big feelings and turn them into something beautiful.  

Change your surroundings 

Even going to the next room or outside for five minutes can change your mind when you can't stop thinking.  

Destroy a physical representation of your anger 

Print out that email that set you off or write down the things that are upsetting you. Then scribble all over it, tear it up, or put it through the shredder. 

Verbalize your anger 

You can always complain to a trusted friend, but sometimes it's best to pretend to talk to the offender.  

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