5 Gorgeous Green Flowers for Your Garden 

With green flowers, your yard can look unique and lovely. Consider these five gorgeous green flowers:  

Green Zinnia 

Description: The lime-green 'Envy' Zinnia shines out among floral hues. Growing these flowers is simple, making them ideal for novices.  

Bells of Ireland

Description: Bells of Ireland give architectural flair to any garden with their tall, spiky stems covered with green bell-shaped calyces.  

Green Hellebore

Nodding, cup-shaped Green Hellebore blossoms are a subtle, classy green. These perennials thrive in shade.  

Lady’s Mantle

Lady's Mantle has delicate, lobed leaves and frothy chartreuse flowers. It makes a great border or ground cover.  

Green Chrysanthemum

Description: The 'Green Mist' Chrysanthemum adds color to fall gardens with its vibrant green color and daisy-like shape.  


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