6 Easy Ways to Get Water Out of Your Ears 

It can be painful to get water in your ears after swimming or taking a bath. Here are six simple ways to get rid of earwax: 

To get the water to drain out, tilt your head to the side and gently pull your earlobe several different ways. The water can move out of the ear canal with the help of gravity. 

1. Tilt Your Head

Put your head on your side and turn the hurt ear down. Putting the water in and letting gravity pull it out. 

2. Use Gravity

Place your hand on the back of your ear and tilt your head to the side to make a vacuum. It's possible for the vacuum to help pull the water out of the ear canal. 

3. Create Vacuum

Close your mouth and pinch your nose shut. Then, slowly let out your breath through your nose. The maneuver's pressure can help open the Eustachian tubes and let water out that is stuck inside them. 

4. Try the "Valsalva Maneuver"

For a few minutes, put a warm compress or heating pad on the ear that hurts. The warmth can help the water that is stuck in the ear canal dry out. 

5. Warm Compress

Use over-the-counter ear drops that are made to help drain extra water from the ear canal. Earwax can be broken down and water can drain better with these drops. 

6. Use Over-the-Counter Drops

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