6 Things to do When You are Angry

Maintaining emotional health and relationships requires anger management. Six ways to manage anger constructively:  

Relaxation through deep breathing reduces anger and anxiety. Try deep nasal inhalation, holding for a few seconds, and gradual mouth expulsion. Try it several times to relax. 

1. Take Deep Breaths

Meditation and progressive muscle relaxation help you focus. Focus on your body and breathing and observe your emotions without judgement. This may soothe your rage and provide perspective. 

2. Practice Mindfulness

Exercise relieves tension and releases energy. Walking, running, or doing any other physical exercise you choose. Physical activity helps cleanse your thoughts and boost your mood.  

3. Engage in Physical Activity

Talking about feelings helps. Discuss your anger with a trusted friend, write in a journal, or draw or perform music in a safe area. Be careful to use "I" phrases to describe your feelings without blaming others .  

4. Express Your Feelings Constructively

Distance from the anger-inducing scenario can help you calm down. Spend some time alone to think clearly. Reflect on what caused your anger and how to gently resolve it.  

5. Take a Timeout

See a mental health professional if your anger is overwhelming or disrupting your life. Therapy can help you regulate your anger and address any underlying issues causing your emotional responses.  

6. Seek Professional Help if Needed

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