6 Tips to Use a Standing Desk Correctly

After sitting most of the day, you can't stand up quickly. Your body adjusts slowly. You risk severe muscle strain and pain otherwise. Start with standing and sitting for brief durations, then stand for half the workday.

Start Standing At Your Workstation Slowly

Standing rather than sitting after eating lowers blood sugar levels faster, therefore having a standing desk in the afternoon has even more benefits.

Sit in the morning, Stand in the afternoon

Standing and sitting alone are unhealthy, and alternating between the two may cause discomfort. Take screen breaks and stroll around your office to stay refreshed.

Go for a walk

Whether sitting or standing, your desk must be organized for work. Slouching can increase the issue, so put your screen just above eye level.

Set your Desk up correctly

An anti-fatigue mat can help relieve knee, hip, and ankle pain by cushioning your feet as you work, which is better for your body than standing on a flat office carpet or wooden floor.

An anti-fatigue mat

Starting at a standing desk can be distracting since it takes practice. You can see more of the office than sitting down and others can see you and your work better. Sit down to focus. Discover convertible standing desks.

Sit down for essential stuff

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