7 Hidden Treasures: Coins in Your Wallet Worth More Than You Think

Certainly! Seven hidden coins in your wallet or collection may be worth more than you think:  

Before 1965, US quarters and dimes were 90% silver. Silver quarters and dimes from 1964 or earlier are worth far more than their face value.  

1. Silver Quarters and Dimes

Lincoln pennies were minted with an uncommon double die mistake in 1972. A 1972 penny with doubling on the date and text may be worth more than a cent.  

2. 1972 Double Die Lincoln Penny

Half dollars made before 1965 were 90% silver, like quarters and dimes. Kennedy half dollars from 1964 or earlier are worth much more than fifty cents.  

3. Silver Half Dollars

Collectors pay a lot for coins with minting mistakes including off-center strikes, duplicate strikes, or misaligned dies. Look for unique features on your coins—they may suggest a valuable error.  

4. Error Coins

Proof sets of mirror-finish coins are often worth more than their face value. Check your collection for proof sets, especially older or limited-edition ones.  

5. Proof Sets

If they're made of precious metals or have historical or numismatic importance, foreign coins can be worth more than their face value. Look closely at foreign coins—they may have hidden worth.  

6. Foreign Coins

Collectors value coins with low mintages, regardless of age. Look for coins with lesser mintages—they may be worth more.  

7. Low Mintage Coins

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