7 Hybrid Fruits And Vegetables Worth Trying 

After harvesting, don't eat the leaves since they contain high concentrations of oxalic acid, which is dangerous. Store collected rhubarb in the refrigerator or freeze it. Sweets, sauces, pies, and jams all contain rhubarb.  

Long, soft stems with tiny florets characterise broccolini, a broccoli-Chinese broccoli hybrid. Sweeter and more delicate than regular broccoli, it cooks quickly and adds nutrition to stir-fries, salads, and steaming sides.  

1. Broccolini

Plumots mix the rich sweetness of plums with the slightly acidic flavour of apricots. They can be eaten fresh as a snack, added to fruit salads, or used in sweets like cobblers and tarts in red, purple, or yellow.  

2. Pluot

Tangerines and grapefruits are crossed to create tangelos, which have a sweet-tart taste and citrus scent. They are delicious and refreshing when fresh and have a loose, easy-to-peel skin. Tangelos are great for juicing and zesting.  

3. Tangelo

Crenshaw melons combine the sweet, musky flavour of cantaloupe with the juicy, gentle sweetness of honeydew. They taste well fresh or in fruit salads and smoothies with their silky orange flesh and pale green to yellow rind.  

4. Crenshaw melon

The innovative procedure of infusing apples with grape flavour creates grapples. They are crisp like apples yet taste like grapes, making them a tasty snack.  

5. Grapple

Plumcots, also known as apriplums, are a sweet-tangy hybrid of plums and apricots. They are delicious and soft and range in colour from red to purple to yellow. Plumcots can be eaten raw, baked, or added to salads.  

6. Plumcot

Caulilini, or baby cauliflower, is a hybrid with soft broccolini stems and mild, nutty flavour. It can be grilled, sautéed, or eaten raw in salads because to its delicate texture and flavour.  

7. Caulilini

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