7 Must-Know Tips for Spotting Valuable Coins in Everyday Change 

Indeed, here are seven ways to spot expensive coins in your pocket money:  

Know the coins in circulation in your country and their worth. This includes mint marks, manufacture years, and any unique qualities that may raise their value.  

1. Know Your Coins

Rarity and historical relevance make some coins more precious. Check the coin dates you get. Coins from certain years may be worth more than their face value.  

2. Check the Dates

A coin's mint mark might alter its value. Collectors may value coins made in certain places or with special marks.  

3. Look for Mint Marks

Minting faults are prized by collectors. Look for misprints, double strikes, off-center strikes, and other irregularities that could boost a coin's value.  

4. Inspect for Errors

Some coin varieties are more valued. Design, metal composition, and other elements may vary. Check if the coin you're looking at contains valuable variants.  

5. Check for Varieties

Coin condition greatly affects value. Find coins with little wear. Collectible coins with scratches, dents, or discolouration are worth less.  

6. Condition Matters

Consult professionals or use online tools to determine a coin's value. Many internet forums, coin collecting websites, and professional appraisers can help you value your coins.  

7. Consult Experts

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