7 Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies: Reduce Pain and Improve Quality of Life

Many preclinical and clinical research support the use of medical cannabis to relieve pain, including fibromyalgia. Cannabis treats pain, promotes sleep, and reduces anxiety.

Medical Cannabis

Fibromyalgia symptoms might be relieved by vitamins and supplements. Consistency is key while utilizing natural fibromyalgia supplements. People use supplements once and discontinue since they don't work right away.

Vitamins and Supplements

Herbal medicines can treat fibromyalgia. Though less effective than medications, they're worth attempting. They can supplement medication.

Herbal Fibromyalgia Treatments

Many fibromyalgia causes can be eliminated with a gluten-free diet. This diet avoids gluten-containing cereals such wheat, barley, and rye. Foods like gluten can worsen fibromyalgia symptoms by causing inflammation.

Fibromyalgia Diet Changes

Physical treatment can also alleviate pain, weariness, deconditioning, muscle weakness, and sleep difficulties. Teaching patients about the pathophysiology and neuroscience of the illness can also reduce pain.

Physical Therapy

Regular exercise helps fibromyalgia patients in many ways. Exercise builds strength, balance, bone mass, and stress reduction. It can also regulate weight, lowering fibromyalgia symptoms.

Regular Exercise

Essential oils can relieve fibromyalgia discomfort, inflammation, and spasms. A relaxing bath or topical application of these oils helps decrease pain and inflammation.

Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia

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