7 Types of Lilies Gardeners Should Grow 

Lilies' elegance and scent make them attractive in gardens worldwide. Every gardener should plant these seven lilies:  

Asiatic lilies are prized for their bright hues and upward-facing blossoms. Their colors include red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. Asiatic lilies bloom early to midsummer and are easy to grow.  

1. Asiatic Lilies

Oriental lilies have enormous, fragrant blossoms and exotic appearances. Late summer blooms are white, pink, or deep crimson. Oriental lilies make beautiful cut flowers and enhance garden beds and borders.  

2. Oriental Lilies

The enormous, trumpet-shaped blooms of trumpet lilies smell pleasant. The most prevalent colors are white, cream, and yellow. Tall and stately trumpet lilies make great garden focus points.  

3. Trumpet Lilies

Tiger lilies have orange, dark-spotted blossoms. They grow huge clumps in gardens and have an exotic appearance. Tiger lilies attract bees and butterflies in mid- to late summer.  

4. Tiger Lilies

Due to their abundance of blossoms and ease of care, daylilies are often used in gardens. They have one-day flowers in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Daylilies can be ground coverings, borders, or mass plantings.  

5. Daylilies 

Martagon lilies, sometimes known as Turk's cap lilies, are appreciated for their turban-shaped petals. Pink, purple, and white blooms occur throughout midsummer. Martagon lilies like shade and drainage.  

6. Martagon Lilies 

A vast range of wild lily species have different growing requirements and characteristics. Madonna, Regal, and Turk's cap lilies are examples. Species lilies add variety and interest to gardens.  

7. Species Lilies

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