8 Cold-Fighting Juices For Your Immune System 

Citrus Boost: Combine oranges, lemons, and grapefruits for a vitamin C-packed juice that supports immune function.


Ginger Zing: Add ginger to your juice for its anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting benefits.


Berry Blast: Mix blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries for a antioxidant-rich juice to help fight off colds.


Green Powerhouse: Create a green juice with kale, spinach, and cucumber to provide essential vitamins and minerals.


Carrot Kick: Blend carrots, oranges, and turmeric for a beta-carotene-rich juice that aids in immune health.


Pineapple Punch: Pineapple's bromelain enzyme combined with kiwi and mint creates a tasty immune-boosting concoction.


Turmeric Tonic: Incorporate turmeric, orange, and lemon for a spicy-sweet juice that supports your immune system.


Apple Spice Delight: Apples, cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg make a flavorful juice that can help fend off colds.


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