8 Easy Ways to Support Sleep Apnea Treatment

As expected, sleep apnea sufferers slept better at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Some felt more aware in the mornings. Their sleep efficiency—the time spent asleep in bed—was also improved. Warmer rooms (75 degrees) caused lower sleep.

A lower thermostat enhances overnight sleep

Traditional folk medicine used lavender for hunger, anxiety, and hair loss. Aromatherapy is popular. Most claim the lovely smell helps them sleep. Small-scale studies suggest lavender reduces anxiety, but additional research is needed. 

Rest Easy with Lavender

Sleep apnea patients had reduced magnesium levels, according to one study. Lower magnesium levels increased blood c-reactive protein. Liver cells produce C-reactive proteins to fight inflammation. 

Take Magnesium to Sleep Better

People with scar tissue complain of chronic pain and stiffness. Regular deep tissue massages speed lymphatic drainage and break up scar tissue, improving flexibility and range of motion.Patients recovering from surgery are encouraged to get deep tissue massages to prevent scarring.

Breaks scar tissue and eases movement

For thousands of years, raw honey has soothed sore throats, reduced swelling, and reduced coughing. Honey isn't medication, yet its phenolics reduce inflammation. Sleep apnea sufferers prefer its throat-soothing effects.

Smooth Your Throat With Raw

Humidifiers moisten air. This helps sleep apnea sufferers since dry air irritates lungs and body. Humidifiers open airways and promote breathing. Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils boost humidifier effectiveness. A pleasant scent can relax.

The Humidifier Can Help You Sleep

Weight loss and exercise are lifestyle treatments for sleep apnea, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our article Does Sleep Apnea Cause Weight Gain explains how and why. What You Should Know.

Mediterranean Diet

Sleep apnea causes throat muscles to relax and mouth and throat soft tissues to restrict airflow. This may be a momentary partial or complete blockage.

Yoga and Throat Exercises

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