9 Exotic Coins Every Collector Dreams of Owning 

Coin collecting spans centuries and civilizations and is intriguing. Here are nine unique coins sought by collectors worldwide:  

Silver Dollar 1804  

Known as the "King of American Coins," just 15 of these coins exist. Its scarcity and historical significance make it desirable.  

1933 Double Eagle  

One of the most famous and costly coins, the 1933 Double Eagle was minted during the Great Depression. Most of these coins were melted, making the handful left valuable  

1794 Hair-Flowing Dollar  

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, the first silver dollar coin minted by the US Mint, symbolizes early American money. Its rarity and historical significance make it valuable to collectors.  

t. Gaudens Double Eagle, 1907  

This Augustus Saint-Gaudens-designed coin is one of the most beautiful ever produced. Its high relief design and link with Roosevelt make it appealing.  

1713 Vigo Bay 5 Guineas  

This coin is historical and intriguing, made with gold from Spanish treasure ships in the Battle of Vigo Bay. Few of these coins exist, making them prized among collectors.  

1849 Double Eagle  

First year of Double Eagle manufacturing, the 1849 coin is rare. It represents the mid-19th century California Gold Rush and US expansion.  

1936 Canadian Dot Cent  

The 1936 Dot Cent is a rare Canadian penny with a little dot below the date. It is one of the rarest Canadian coins, with only three known.  

1893-S Morgan Dollar  

Limited mintage and few surviving pieces make the 1893-S Morgan Dollar a noteworthy date in the series. Collectors want it for its rarity and historical relevance.  

1909-S VDB A Lincoln Cent  

The large letters "VDB" (Victor David Brenner) on this coin sparked controversy when it was first published. They were eventually erased.   


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