9 Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Flowers 

A patriotic garden with red, white, and blue flowers is a lovely way to celebrate holidays or display your patriotism year-round. Include these nine red, white, and blue flowers in your garden:  

Geraniums add a bright splash of red to any garden and are easy to grow.  

1. Red Geraniums

Poppies have bright red flowers that stand for honor and rememberance. They look great in patriotic displays.  

2. Red Poppies

Salvias have bright spikes of red flowers that draw in pollinators and make your garden beds look more interesting.  

3. Red Salvia

Petunias bloom abundantly and come in many white shades, making them ideal for borders and containers.  

4. White Petunias

Alyssum, fragrant and delicate, develops low mounds of small white blooms that spill over garden borders or hanging baskets.  

5. White Alyssum

Bleeding hearts offer humor to darkened places with their beautiful clusters of white heart-shaped blossoms.  

6. White Bleeding Heart

Hydrangeas' large, spectacular blooms from sky blue to deep indigo, giving them a lovely garden focal point.  

7. Blue Hydrangeas

Lobelias attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their petite, vivid blue flowers, making them ideal for borders and hanging baskets.  

8. Blue Lobelia

Bachelor's buttons are easy to grow and offer a cottage garden impression with beautiful blue, fringed blossoms on slender stems.  

9. Cornflowers

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