9 Science-backed Home Remedies For Stomach Ulcers

Naturally treating ulcers with cabbage is frequent. Cabbage treated stomach ulcers before medications, say doctors. The antioxidant vitamin C protects and treats H. pylori. H.pylori produces most ulcers.

Cabbage juice

Asian and Mediterranean spices include licorice. The dried root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant is a common traditional herb used to heal numerous diseases. Licorice root may prevent and treat ulcers


Honey offers several health benefits due to its antioxidant content. These include better eye health and lower heart, stroke, and cancer risk. Honey protects and heals numerous wounds, including ulcers.


Another antibacterial and antimicrobial food is garlic. Garlic extracts have been shown to expedite ulcer recovery and prevent them in animals. Garlic extracts also inhibit H growth in lab, animal, and human trials.


India uses turmeric in several recipes. Bright yellow. Curcumin may heal. Increase blood vessel function, reduce inflammation, and lower heart disease risk. Anti-ulcer effects of curcumin have been studied in animals.


The Pistacia lentiscus tree makes mastic. Others call it Arabic gum, Yemeni gum, or Chios' tears. Mediterranean mastic plants yield brittle translucent resin flakes. This resin becomes pine-flavored milky gum when swallowed.


Ulcer sufferers think eating too many chili peppers can cause stomach ulcers. Chili peppers are actually discouraged for ulcer patients. Recent research shows these peppers can prevent and heal ulcers.

Horny chili

Aloe vera is utilized in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. Its antimicrobial and skin-healing qualities are well-known. Interestingly, aloe vera can treat stomach ulcers.

Aloe vera

Probiotics are living bacteria with several health benefits. Their benefits include mental and digestive health, particularly ulcer prevention and treatment. Probiotics increase mucus production, which coats the gut lining, but how this works is still being investigated. 


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