Beautiful Nasturtium Flowers Keep Bad Bugs Away 

Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum spp.) are gorgeous garden plants and pest-control partners. Their colourful flowers and lush foliage attract beneficial insects and deter pests.  

Indian Empress   

leaves. Aphid and whitefly repellent: Empress of India excels at this. Ladybirds that eat aphids are drawn to the bright colour.  

Alaska Mix   

green and white foliage and yellow, orange, and red flowers are magnificent. Pest Control: The variegated foliage and vivid flowers capture pests from neighbouring plants.  

The Jewel Mix   

cultivar produces semi-double flowers in vibrant oranges, yellows, reds, and peaches. Pest Control: Jewel Mix nasturtiums resist squash bugs, whiteflies, and aphids. Flowers attract pollinators, improving garden health.  

Black Velvet   

boasts eye-catching dark crimson to practically black flowers that contrast with the green foliage. Pest Control: This type attracts predatory insects and deters aphids and whiteflies from other plants.  

Canary Creeper   

Unlike other nasturtiums, Canary Creeper climbs and has delicate, fringed yellow blooms that resemble canaries in flight.  


Moonlight's creamy yellow blossoms lend a delicate grace to the landscape. Aphids are drawn to the pale colour, making it a trap crop, and the flowers attract pollinators and predators.  


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