Brain Teaser IQ Test: Find the cheater in the race in 6 seconds!

Three runners are visible in the picture that was published above.  

It is the readers' task to identify the race-cheating runner in less than six seconds. This attention to detail brainteaser task will put you to the test.  

This is the beginning of your time! Examine and comprehend the image thoroughly. Have you discovered the liar yet?  

Time is running out, so hurry up. Pay great attention to the photograph; you may be almost there in identifying the cheater.  

The time is up. Kudos to the readers who were able to identify the liar among the three competitors.  

For those who were unable to, the solution is shown on the next slide.  

The cheater is the guy in the blue jersey; while the other two runners can be seen sweating, he is not.

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