Daffodils Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do 

Too Crowded

Divided daffodils create new bulbs. Because of this, adolescent bulbs are usually sold with a thin one linked to a large one. 

Insufficient Sun

If planted in the dark parts of your yard, daffodils will weaken each season until they no longer have energy to form a blossom bud.  

Too Warm

Your bulbs may not have broken dormancy if you dwell in the Deep South, where paperwhite narcissus like Ziva or Galilee are the only guaranteed bet. 

Too Wet

According to information from daffodil experts Brent and Becky Heath, owners of Brent and Becky's Bulbs, daffodils prefer a dry flowerbed.  

In Need of a Feed

For long-term success, Brent Heath says daffodils need more than bonemeal fertilizer. He suggests a potassium-rich daffodil fertilizer. 

Foliage Damage

If a late freeze or impatient gardener removes the leaves prematurely, the bulbs cannot restore their energy reserves for the following season.  

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