Fall Rose Bush Care – What To Do With Roses Before Winter! 

To ensure your rose bushes survive winter and bloom in April, you must take some vital precautions. Fall rose bush care: a complete guide  

Stop Fertilizing and Pruning

Rose fertilization should stop 6-8 weeks before frost. Slowing growth allows the plant to go dormant.  Fall pruning: Avoid extensive pruning. Only remove sick or dead canes and spent flowers.  


Deep Watering: Water flowers until the ground freezes. A weekly deep watering keeps the soil wet but not saturated.  Keep foliage dry and disease-free by watering at the base.  

Cleaning Up

Clean up fallen leaves and debris around rose bushes to prevent disease and pests from overwintering.  Trim the rose canes to half their height to reduce wind damage. Discard sick or damaged canes.  


After the first frost, cover the plant bases with 4-6 inches of mulch. The roots are insulated and soil temperature is maintained.  Straw, crushed leaves, or compost are organic materials.  


Mound soil or compost around the rose bush's base to hide the bottom canes. The roots and lower stems are further protected.  

Final Inspection

Inspect plants for pests and diseases and treat immediately. Check Supports: Make sure stakes and supports can withstand winter.  


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