Find the only difference between the two images in 5 seconds!

Two images of the animated Spongebob Squarepants character can be seen above. At a glance, both photos seem to be exactly the same. They are not, however, the same.  

Find the difference between them in the allotted five seconds. This task will assess your visual clarity in an engaging way. Now is when the time begins.  

It's a simple enough challenge that you can do it in a hurry. You can take more time to determine the difference if you run out of time while completing the task.  

This task stimulates critical thinking skills, which makes it a great brain exercise. Taking part in such activities stimulates the parts of the brain involved in memory and focus.   

As a result, engaging in these activities regularly improves memory recall and concentration. We've completed the challenge by this point.  

Are you eager to learn the details of the distinction? Then have a look at the answer above.  

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