Genius IQ Test: You have a high IQ if you can find the height of the glass in 10 seconds!

The image above shows a difficult glass puzzle with sets of glasses. Readers must solve the riddle in 10 seconds.  

This brainteaser will put your ability to reason logically and analytically to the test. This is the beginning of your time!  

Examine and comprehend the image thoroughly. Have you determined the glass's value? Time is running out, so hurry up.  

The time is up. Kudos to the readers who successfully solved the riddle.  

For those who were unable to, the solution is shown on the next slide.   

Now,  In the first set, we see that there are 5 glasses, out of which 4 are small glasses and one is the normal one. In the second set, there are two glasses, one small and one normal. Assume the value of big glass is x and small glass is y. Now, x + 4y = 34

And x + y = 19 Solving the equation, we get 3y = 15  Or y = 5 Small glass = 5 Therefore, the value of the big glass is 

x + 5 = 19 x= 19-5 x = 14  Big glass = 14

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