Grow a Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets 

A cutting garden is a great way to grow flowers that will be used to make beautiful wreaths. To begin, follow these steps:  

Choose an area of your yard with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Most blooming plants thrive in full sun and produce many blossoms.  

1. Choose a Sunny Spot

Soil should be rich in organic materials and drain effectively. Break up the soil and add compost or old manure to make it more productive and stable. Preparing the soil helps flowers thrive.  

2. Prepare the Soil

Choose flowers to cut and arrange in vases. To keep your garden blooming all season, combine annuals, perennials, and bulbs. Zinnias, cosmos, dahlias, roses, and tulips are popular.  

3. Select Flower Varieties

Plant flowers according to their spacing and depth needs. For optimum results, follow seed packet or plant label recommendations. Plant in rows or groups for simpler picking and a nice show.  

4. Plant Flowers

Maintain moist soil, especially during establishment. Water thoroughly for drought-resilience and deep roots. Deadhead wasted flowers to keep them clean. Mulching retains soil moisture and controls weeds.  

5. Water and Maintain

Make flower bouquets. Cut stems at an angle with sharp scissors or pruners in the morning or afternoon when plants are well-hydrated. Remove leaves before putting flowers in a vase of fresh water.   

6. Harvest and Arrange 

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