Grow a Pizza Garden in Your Own Backyard 

A backyard pizza garden is a fun and delicious way to get fresh ingredients for homemade pizzas. How to make a pizza garden:  

Choose a bright backyard site with 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Soil should be well-drained and rich for plant growth.  

1. Finding the Right Place  

Consider the mature size of each plant when designing your pizza garden. Use raised beds, containers, or garden plots to organise your garden.  

2. Garden layout planning  

Choose a range of pizza topping vegetables and herbs. Tomatoes, basil, oregano, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and chilli peppers are classics Try toppings like rocket, spinach, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.  

3. Choosing Pizza Ingredients

A garden fork or tiller should loosen the soil and remove weeds and trash. Add compost or old manure to improve soil and drainage.  

4. Preparing the Soil

Plant your pizza components according to space and sunshine. Basil and oregano can be planted closer together than tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, which should be 18-24 inches apart.  

5. Planting Your Pizza Garden

Maintain a wet, not waterlogged, pizza garden soil. Mulch around plants to keep moisture and weeds away. Apply fertiliser as needed for healthy growth and ample harvests.  

6. Provide Care and Maintenance 

Gather ingredients for handmade pizzas from your pizza garden as it grows. Harvest herbs when green and aromatic and tomatoes when ripe and fully coloured. When peppers and onions reach maturity, harvest.  

7. Ingredient Harvesting

Pizzas created with freshly picked ingredients are excellent. Try different toppings and crusts to make the ideal pizza.  

8. Enjoying Homemade Pizzas

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