Grow an Easter Cactus for Festive Springtime Flowers

Growing an Easter cactus (Hatiora gaertneri), also known as a spring or Whitsun cactus, will brighten up your spring home. Growing and caring for an Easter cactus:  

Place your Easter cactus in bright, indirect light. Direct sunshine, especially during the hottest portion of the day, can scorch foliage.  

1. Light

Easter cacti like daytime temperatures of 60°F to 70°F (15°C to 21°C) with nighttime temperatures slightly lower. The plant can be damaged by temperatures below 50°F (10°C).  

2. Temperature

Water the soil evenly but not too much. When the top inch of soil seems dry to the touch, water the plant and let excess water drain away. Water less in winter when the plant is dormant.  

3. Watering

Easter cacti prefer high humidity, especially during growth. Misting the foliage or placing a humidity tray with water and pebbles beneath the plant increases humidity.  

4. Humidity

Plant your Easter cactus in cactus and succulent potting mix that drains properly. Your general-purpose potting mix can be adjusted with perlite or sand to increase drainage.  

5. Soil

A balanced, water-soluble fertiliser diluted to half-strength should be applied monthly to your Easter cactus in spring and summer. Avoid fertilising dormant plants in autumn and winter.  

6. Fertilizing

In spring or early summer, pull back stem segments (phylloclades) to promote bushier growth and more flowers. This promotes new growth and flower buds.  

7. Pruning

Easter cacti bloom pink, red, orange, or white in spring. Cooler temperatures (50°F to 55°F or 10°C to 13°C) and fewer sunshine hours in autumn enhance floral bud growth.  

8. Flowering

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