Should You Grow Hybrid or Heirloom Tomatoes?

Would you like to cultivate succulents? Here are some things to consider before planting your garden, such as which kinds of succulents to cultivate and how much water to use.

These lush, drought-resistant plants are beautiful and easy to care for. Amazing leaf shapes like rounded, ruffled, spiky, and needlelike match colours like blue-green, lime, yellow, crimson, burgundy, pink, and more.  

Everything Gardeners Should Know About Growing Succulent

Succulents are great for container gardeners who don't like watering them daily.  “Luckily, succulents are both fragile and hardy, so you may use them in numerous ways. A few succulents attract pollinators.

How (and Why) to Start Growing Succulent

Few solid conditions are needed for succulents. "Bright light and well-draining potting mix or soil are essential," he explains. "If bits of potting mix are sticking to it, moisture is enough; don't water yet."

Succulent Care and Watering

Desert rose—like a bonsai—provides textural contrast.  In most places, Sunsparkler Blue Elf sedum reappears . Campfire crassula's bright green leaves turn orange and scarlet in cool weather.

Types of Succulents to Grow

Should You Grow Hybrid or Heirloom Tomatoes?