How Often to Water Succulents 


Most succulents grow rapidly in spring and summer, so you'll need to water them more often.  

Container Size

Larger containers need less watering because their soil retains moisture longer. Small, shallow containers need more watering since the soil dries quickly.  

Amount of Light

Succulents that get 10+ hours of full sun need extra water. Due to more sun and harsher conditions, outdoor plants need more water than interior ones. 


High humidity and colder temperatures keep plants moist longer, so they need less watering than hot, dry areas.  

How to Water

Now that you know succulent watering frequency parameters, here's how to water them. There are right and incorrect ways.  

Shapely Succulent Containers 

Expert container gardener Julie Chai offers tips on how to plant different succulents together to create a fresh look in a small space. 

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