How To Care For A Christmas Cactus – And Have It Bloom Longer Than Ever!

The Christmas cactus is one of the few indoor plants that blooms extensively over the holidays, making it popular. Their bright red, pink, orange, and white flowers make them great for decoration.   

Whether they've been cultivating Christmas cactuses for years or just bought one, many gardeners struggle to get those crucial blooms. Keep them strong after flowering!  

Getting The Most From Your Christmas Cactus 

Your cactus grower probably prepared it for blooming this year. Most are already flourishing in stores. If so, maintaining it in a healthy spot and watering it should help it blossom this year.  

Christmas Cactus Basics

Christmas caucuses demand more water than most cacti. Water only when the top ⅓ of the soil is dry. Touch the earth a few inches down. Water well if dry. Drain all extra water from the container.  


Place your Christmas cactus in a cool place 10 weeks before Christmas to help it bloom in time. Maintain temperatures between 50-55º Fahrenheit for optimal results. 

Getting An Existing Cactus To Bloom 

You can leave it in place or transfer the cactus to a shady back porch or patio in spring and summer. This plant is lovely for covered porches and patios.

Long-Term Care  

As flowers die, deadhead them. After blooming, prune the Christmas cactus. Cut the stems between segments using a sharp pruner or knife.  

Deadheading & Pruning 

New Christmas cacti plants can be made from pruned stems. Put the sliced pieces in a tiny container with your original potting mix. Keep soil moist but not wet. 


Stressed Christmas cactuses can lose buds or blooms. A dry plant can lose flowers due to lack of water. The plant may also lose blossoms due to temperature, draft, and lighting fluctuations.  

Dropped Blooms  


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