How To Curb Carb Cravings 

Eat mindfully 

Sometimes you eat carbs out of boredom. Or you always eat ice cream after supper. Mindful eating may help. 

Go for the right kind of carbs 

Not all carbs are created equal. Complex carbs, the ones you find in whole grains and veggies, are your body's main source of energy. 

Find a system that works for you 

Bread, sweets, and pastries may be eliminated "cold turkey." If you do this, you may feel deprived and obsess over what you can't have.  

Be active 

Aerobic exercise controls appetite. This natural mood enhancer can also improve your body image. All these excellent things can keep you from eating cookies.  

Get Your ZZZs 

Did you sleep well last night? Without enough sleep, you eat more calories during the day. Sleep deprivation affects appetite hormones. It can promote weight gain. Schedule 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. 

Drink water 

Often, hunger is dehydration or boredom. When you crave carbs or are about to overeat, drink water. Plus, water contains no calories or carbohydrates.  

Take a timeout 

You stressed? Tension might cause unexpected food cravings. Yoga, meditation, and stress management may help you eat thoughtfully. 

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