How to Grow a Carnivorous Pitcher Plant 

Casual gardeners shouldn't grow carnivorous plants. Venus flytraps sold as novelty items often perish weeks later, wasting the buyer's money. Although some are easier, including  

Pitcher plants are Sarracenia, and they're all eastern US natives! Pitcher plants grow in bogs from Canada to Florida, despite their alien appearance.  

All About Pitcher Plant



There are around a dozen pitcher plant species in the wild, but hybrid species are more likely to thrive at home.

Growing Pitcher Plant



Soil. Avoid planting pitcher plants in the ground. The soil they thrive in must imitate bog conditions. Start with one or two plants in their containers.  

More Pitcher Plant Care Tip



Like other plants, pitcher plants rest throughout winter. Pitchers brown and may die on the ground. The plants need chilling now (remember,

Winter Dormancy



Eastern U.S. winters are chilly, where they grow). In the southeast, where freezes are infrequent, you can leave your plant outside. You can overwinter it in a cool room with a sunny window if you live farther north.  

Amazing Facts About Carnivorous Plants 

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