How To Grow Vinca – The Perfect Drought & Heat Resistant Flowering Annual! 

Vinca, which is sometimes called periwinkle or Madagascar periwinkle, is a pretty annual flower that does well in hot, dry places. Here are some good ways to grow vinca:  

Vinca prefers full sun but may tolerate partial shade in warmer regions. Choose a garden spot with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Vinca hates wet soil, so make sure it drains well. 

1. Choose the Right Location

After spring soil warming and frost risk has gone, plant vinca outdoors. In moderate climates, you can plant vinca in the fall for winter and spring bloom.  

2. Planting Time

Vinca likes well-draining, somewhat fertile soil. Soften the soil and add compost or old manure to increase soil structure and fertility before planting.  

3. Prepare the Soil

Vinca seedlings or nursery-grown plants should be planted at their container depth. Plants should be 8-12 inches apart for airflow and growth.  

4. Planting Depth and Spacing

While vinca is drought-tolerant once planted, it needs constant watering during establishment. Water newly planted vinca thoroughly to establish roots. Once planted, water vinca plants deeply but rarely, letting the soil dry out.  

5. Watering

Organic mulch like shredded bark or straw around vinca plant bases helps retain soil moisture, reduce weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Keep mulch a few inches from stems to prevent rotting.  

6. Mulching

Vinca is not a heavy feeder, but you can use a balanced or spring flowering plant fertilizer to support healthy growth and blooming. The fertilizer packet specifies application rates.  

7. Fertilizing

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