How To Mulch Fall Flowerbeds – Stop Next Year’s Weeds Now, For Good! 

In order to prepare your garden for winter and start the next growing season weed-free, you must mulch your fall flowerbeds. This extensive advice will help you mulch efficiently to prevent next year's weeds.  

Clean Up the Flowerbed

Clean your flowerbeds of dead plants, leaves, and weeds before mulching. Remove waste to prevent illnesses and pests from overwintering and eliminate weed seed banks.  

Edge the Flowerbed

Create a flowerbed border with a spade or edging tool. This keeps mulch contained and tidying your garden.  

Choose the Right Mulch

Organic possibilities include shredded bark, wood chips, straw, and compost. As they decay, these materials enrich the soil.  

Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides may help with severe weed problems before mulching. This prevents weed seed growth.  

Spread the Mulch

Spread 2-4 inches of mulch evenly. Too little mulch won't control weeds, while too much can suffocate plants and block water infiltration.  

Maintain Your Mulch

In fall and winter, monitor mulch compaction and refill as needed. A compacted mulch can block water and air.  


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