How To Use Neem Oil On Plants – Control Pests Organically! 

Plant pest and disease control with neem oil is eco-friendly. Neem oil contains insecticides, fungicides, and miticides from Azadirachta indica. Use neem oil on plants to control pests naturally:  

Buy neem oil from a trusted garden center. Cold-pressed, 100% pure neem oil has the most active ingredients and is more effective for pest control.  

1. Choose High-Quality Neem Oil

For successful spraying, neem oil is diluted with water and a little detergent or emulsifier. Neem oil should be mixed 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water, following manufacturer's specifications. 

2. Prepare the Neem Oil Solution

Test a small plant for sensitivity before administering neem oil to all of them. Spray some leaves with diluted neem oil and wait 24 hours for problems like leaf burn or withering. If no side effects occur, continue medication.  

3. Test for Sensitivity

Give your plants neem oil with a handheld spray bottle, pump sprayer, or hose-end sprayer. Coat leaf, stem, and flower tops and bottoms well. Cover all areas, especially pest-prone ones.  

4. Apply Neem Oil Spray

Prevent pests using neem oil. Early morning or late afternoon neem oil spray reduces sunburn risk.  

5. Apply Neem Oil Preventatively

Neem oil should be used every 7-14 days or as needed, depending on insect or disease pressure, for optimal effects. Repeat spraying until bugs or symptoms are gone.  

6. Repeat Applications

Store neem oil in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight. Read the neem oil label for handling, application rates, and safety directions. Dealing with neem oil requires gloves, eyewear, and clothes.  

7. Storage and Safety

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