How To Water And Fertilize Ferns 

It is very important to water and feed plants the right way for them to stay healthy and grow quickly. To water and feed plants properly, follow these six steps:  

Water-retaining soil without waterlogging is ideal for ferns. Use fern-specific potting mix or add peat moss or compost to promote drainage.  

1. Choose the Right Soil

Ferns prefer damp soil but not water. Water ferns when the top inch of soil feels dry. Till the pot's bottom empties, water thoroughly.  

2. Watering Frequency

Instead of watering fern fronds, water the soil. Gentle watering at the plant's base prevents fungal infections on the foliage.  

3. Watering Technique

While ferns appreciate damp soil, overwatering can cause root rot and other issues. Keep the top inch of soil dry between waterings to avoid waterlogging.  

4. Avoid Overwatering

Fertilize ferns in spring and summer for healthy growth. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength or a fern fertilizer. Fertilize every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.  

5. Fertilizing Schedule

Mix fertilizer with water as directed on the package for fertilizing ferns. Apply the fertilizer solution straight to the plant's base soil. Avoid fertilizer on foliage to avoid leaf burn.  

6. Fertilizing Technique

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