Hummus Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Calories: 39 ,Fat: 2.7g,Sodium: 72.1mg,Carbohydrates: 3g Fiber: 0.9g ,Sugars: 0.04g ,Protein: 1.2g ,Iron: 0.5mg Magnesium: 6.8mg ,Zinc: 0.3mg ,Folate: 17mcg

Nutrition Facts

Due to its basic, nutrient-rich ingredients, hummus has long been considered healthy. Choose a high-quality hummus or make it yourself with unsaturated fats and few ingredients for added health benefits.

Health Advantages

Hummus contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from tahini or sesame paste. Both fats are heart-healthy. Research suggests polyunsaturated fats may prevent Alzheimer's disease and improve memory and mental health.

Provides Healthy Fats

Hummus contains vegan, leguminous protein from chickpeas. When mixed with whole grains, beans become a complete protein, like many plant-based proteins. Protein keeps you satisfied, making it easier to eat a balanced diet.

Balanced Weight

Chickpeas and hummus may improve glucose and insulin regulation and cardiovascular disease indicators, 6 Chickpeas' high-fiber carbs help heart health.

May Improve Heart Health

Chickpeas provide hummus complex carbs. Fiber helps with blood sugar, cholesterol, gut health, weight balance, and cancer prevention.

Fiber-rich carbohydrates

Hummus may improve diet quality, according to research. Hummus replaces saturated fats, salt, and added sugars, improving diet quality, according to researchers.

Improve Food Quality

Avoid hummus if allergic to chickpeas or sesame. Hummus typically has extra ingredients, so read labels. Chickpeas, peanuts, and soybeans are allergens. Chickpea allergy commonly occurs in combination with soy, pea, lentil, or hazelnut allergies.


Many hummus varieties sell. You can get hummus with roasted bell peppers, caramelized onions, garlic, beets, herbs, and spices. Adding chocolate chips or berries to chickpea purée makes delicious hummus. 


Hummus is perishable, so store it in a sealed container in the fridge. Hummus may freeze poorly. Any hummus that smells, tastes, or looks odd is trash.

Storage and Food Safety

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