Identify and Attract the Common Buckeye Butterfly 

The Common Buckeye Butterfly is distinguished by its huge orange-blue eyespots on brown wings bordered in black.Because of its buck-eye-like underwing design, it's called "Buckeye."  


Include these host plants in your garden to give Common Buckeye caterpillars something to eat. Make sure the plants are thriving and receiving proper care.  


Grow a variety of nectar-rich flowers in your yard to draw in adult Common Buckeye butterflies that are looking for food. Plant these flowers where it will be sunny, and they will bloom continuously all season long.  


Create a butterfly-friendly space in your yard by include lots of blooming plants for nectar and sunny, protected areas for basking.  


Pesticides can damage butterflies at every step of their life cycle, so stay away from using them in your garden.  


To feed Common Buckeyes with vital minerals and salts from mud puddles, think about including characteristics like a small depression filled with wet soil, sand, and water.  


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