Is It Safe To Eat Damaged Vegetables From The Garden?

About a third of global food production is wasted. Fruits and vegetables are harmed. In your garden, you may be throwing away imperfect or damaged veggies. In our perfection-focused culture,    

Eating Damaged Fruits and Vegetable



Some home gardeners are so excited to harvest their first crops that they don't mind a few bug-eaten veggies. Some discard pest-damaged crops, while others cut around them and consume them.    

Can you Eat Vegetables that Have Been Eaten by Bugs?



Insect-damaged produce warrants further scrutiny. If there are few holes and no nibbler, it is probably safe to eat.      

Damage That is Safe to Eat



It may surprise you that the FDA limits food bug counts. They set maximum amounts of inherent or unavoidable faults in human-eaten food.        

Damaged Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn't Eat



Produce that looks rat or rabbit-eaten should be avoided. Let rabbits have it. The same goes for bird-pecked or pooped produce. Questionable scat evidence.          

Large or many-holed produce is suspicious. This may not be insect-related. The hole may be equipment, weather, or harvesting injury.    


Pepper Blossoms Falling Off The Plant