Little-Known Peony Plant Facts 

Without a doubt! The following are six facts regarding peony plants that are not widely known  

Peonies and Ants  

Peonies and ants interact differently. Ants crawl on peony blossoms because they produce nectar. Despite popular belief, ants are attracted to the sweet nectar and do not help the peony blossom.  


Incredible longevity for peonies. They can thrive for decades, even a century in the same place, with adequate care.  

Bloom variety

Many people are familiar with herbaceous peonies' huge, fluffy blooms, but there are three primary types: herbaceous, tree, and intersectional.  


Peonies are ingrained in many civilizations and traditions for ages. In Chinese culture, they represent money, honour, and nobility; in Western cultures, romance, prosperity, and good fortune.  

Medical Uses  

Peony root (Paeonia lactiflora) has long been used in Chinese medicine. It's used to treat pain, muscular cramps, and menstruation discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and relaxing properties.  


Some peony smell like roses or citrus. Some cultivars have a faint aroma, while others have a stronger scent.  


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