Meet the Tiny Fiery Skipper Butterfly 

The Tiny Fiery Skipper has vibrant colors and patterns despite its small size. Its orange-brown wings include black patterns and a white or cream patch on the forewings.  


Small: The Tiny Fiery Skipper has a 1-inch wingspan, as its name implies. Its small size and fast flying make it hard to observe in the wild.  


This butterfly lives in fields, meadows, grasslands, gardens, and parks in the sun. Nectar and larval host plant abundance are its favorites.  


Flight Pattern: The Tiny Fiery Skipper flies quickly between flowers to find nectar. Its fast mobility and small size make tracking and photographing it difficult.  


The Tiny Fiery Skipper, like all butterflies, starts as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar (larva), pupates into a chrysalis (pupa), and emerges as an adult butterfly.   


The Tiny Fiery Skipper lives in the Americas, including the US, Mexico, Central America, and South America. The species is widespread throughout its region.  


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