Muffuletta Recipe Learn like a Pro 

This real Muffuletta sandwich has layers of Italian cold cuts, cheese, and chopped olive salad between traditional muffuletta bread!  

– 1 cup giardiniera  – ½ cup green olives  – ¾ cup Kalamata olives  – 1 tablespoon fresh oregano – 3 cloves garlic  – 1 medium shallot  – ¼ cup olive oil – 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar – salt and pepper  – 1 10" muffuletta bread – ½ pound genoa salami – ½ pound mortadella – ¼ pound swiss cheese


Put all of the components for the olive mixture into a bowl of medium size and mix them together. Put aside for later.  


Cutting Muffuletta bread in half horizontally. Scoop some bread interior to make way for ingredients.  


After spreading half the olive mixture on the bread, layer genoa salami, mortadella, and swiss cheese.  


This process should be repeated with capicolla cheese, followed by provolone cheese.   


The remaining half of the olive mixture should be placed on top, followed by the top bread slice.  


Prepare the bread by lightly pressing it down, then slicing it into quarters and serving it.  


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