Native Blanket Flower Blankets Gardens in Bold Color 

Bold colors and easy care make native blanket flower (Gaillardia) a spectacular garden accent. How to use this beautiful plant to color your garden:   

Choose native blanket flower types for your climate and garden design. Find cultivars with huge, spectacular flowers in red, orange, yellow, and other vivid colors.  


Sunlight and well-draining soil are needed for blanket flowers. Once established, these plants tolerate dry conditions and full light. 


Planting: Space blanket flower plants 12-18 inches apart, depending on type and maturity. Plant them in clusters to fill garden beds and borders with vibrant color.  


Blanket flowers are drought-tolerant once established, but they need regular watering in the first growing season to create strong roots. Water deeply but rarely, letting the soil dry between waterings.  


Remove spent flowers to extend blooming and encourage year-round blooming. Deadheading keeps plants neat and prevents garden self-seeding.  


Create a wildlife-friendly landscape with blanket flowers and native and perennial plants that match their rich colors.  


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