Nicki Minaj concert postponed after Dutch cannabis arrest.  

Manchester, England— Nicki Minaj's Saturday night Manchester concert was postponed after Dutch police found marijuana in her bags as she left the country.  

Nicki tried everything to make tonight's show happen, but today's events prevented it.This inconvenience has disappointed us greatly.”  

Minaj tweeted on Saturday that she was stopped at Amsterdam airport before boarding a plane for the Manchester concert. Police said they found marijuana in her bags and would weigh it.  

Netherlands military police spokesperson Robert Van Kapel said a 41-year-old American woman was arrested for exporting “soft drugs.” He did not identify the woman or describe the drugs.  

Police allegedly wanted to make 41-year-old Minaj late for her Manchester concert, she tweeted. They try to make me late so they can write negative stories. Jealousy is disease. You know the rest, Minaj tweeted.  

The Trinidadian rapper is famous for "Super Freaky Girl," "Anaconda," and "Starships." Her career includes 12 Grammy nominations.   

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