Only a puzzle hunter will be able to spot the snake in the desert in 5 seconds!

This image welcomes readers with a sandy desert view from the Namib desert. A snake is waiting to strike its victim by lurking on the sand.  

Is it visible in five seconds? This task will test your visual acuity! This is the beginning of your time!  

This picture shows the snake expertly hiding. creatures use camouflage to either hunt other creatures or to prevent themselves from being hunted.  

Examine the picture closely. You may be able to identify the snake fast if you focus on the picture's nuances.  

The first readers to identify the hidden snake will be the keenest observers with the best visual skills. Did you previously seen the snake?  

In order to get faster at these kinds of puzzles, those who were unable to locate the snake in the allotted time should practice more of them.  

You can look at the answer given above if you're curious about where the snake is.  

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