Only the top 1% of readers can spot the red screwdriver in the workshop in 5 seconds!

This picture shows a scene in a workshop with a variety of tools strewn about.  

Finding the red screwdriver in the workshop that is hiding in plain sight is the readers' task.   

Take on this challenging task to test your eye strength. This is the beginning of your time! Examine the picture closely.  

The red screwdriver will be hidden from view until the keenest readers can see it. Have you managed to see it?  

The screwdriver has been so seamlessly incorporated into the image that it is not immediately noticeable to the naked eye.  

The time is up. Put an end to your search immediately! The most perceptive readers are those who have identified the screwdriver.  

You don't need to go any farther if you're still having trouble finding the screwdriver; the solution is provided above.  

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