Optical Illusion Eye Test: Find a zebra in the African forest scene in 8 seconds!

The African forest image above shows a herd of wildebeests.A zebra sneaks amid wildebeests.  

It is the readers' task to find the zebra in eight seconds.  Take this challenge to test your visual acuity. Are you up to the task?  

Now is the beginning of your time! Examine the picture thoroughly. In this photo, the zebra is hiding just in front of us.   

Have you managed to catch it? Only the keenest readers will be able to identify the zebra before everyone else.  

Pay close attention to every element of the image. What percentage of you have been able to locate the zebra?  

Give up searching now! The readers with the highest level of visual acuity are those who have spotted the zebra.  

If any of you haven't figured it out by now, take a look at the answer above.  

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