Optical Illusion: Find the odd chocolate bar in the picture in 4 seconds!

It's a grid full of chocolate bars in the image linked above. There is one chocolate bar that is not like the others, though.  

Finding the strange chocolate bar in four seconds is the readers' task. This task presents an excellent chance to assess your visual acuity.  

It's your time now! Examine the image closely. The strange chocolate bar—have you seen it?  

Find the strange chocolate bar faster than other readers if you have the best visual skills. Take a last look at the photo.  

Now put an end to your search. Count the number of times you've seen the peculiar chocolate bar.  

You individuals have great attention to detail; congrats to those who were able to identify the chocolate bar.  

You can look at the answer above if you were unable to locate the strange chocolate bar.  

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