Optical Illusion IQ Test: Only 1% High IQ Genius Can Find The COACHMAN Hidden In This 18th Century Picture. 13 Seconds Left!

The field of neurology, the field of psychology, the field of the arts, and even everyday life all have diverse uses for optical illusion.   

The purpose of these visual puzzles is to test our ability to comprehend information that is ambiguous or contradictory.   

Understanding how the brain processes visual illusions can improve our understanding of cognition, anatomy, and sensory processing.   

These visual puzzles also illuminate how healthy and visually impaired brains absorb visual information, making them essential for visual studies.   

Using optical illusion, one can study psychology and human traits like eyesight, attention, memory, and decision-making.   

Please take a look at the photo that is provided above if you are still in need of assistance with the solution.  

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