People 'Cricketing' Their Feet to Fall Asleep Faster Says It Works  

Cricketing, often known as "cricket feet" or "tapping feet," involves regularly tapping or moving the feet to fall asleep quickly. There isn't much scientific research on this procedure, however there are various reasons it may work for some:  

Tapping or moving the feet rhythmically helps relax the body like deep breathing or gradual muscle relaxation. This may relax the body and mind, making sleep easier.  

1. Relaxation Response

Physical activity helps divert from racing thoughts or worries. Tapping or moving the feet might distract from unpleasant or bothersome thoughts.  

2. Distraction from Racing Thoughts

Tapping or moving the feet may relieve leg and foot stress and discomfort, which can prevent sleep. Reducing muscle tension and discomfort may help people relax and sleep.  

3. Release of Tension

Cricketing helps people be mindful and conscious of their body. This mindfulness technique may help you relax and sleep.  

4. Mindfulness and Body Awareness

Cricketing may help some sleep, but sleep is individual. Consult a doctor or sleep specialist if you have difficulties sleeping. They diagnose sleep issues and offer evidence-based sleep hygiene and wellness advice.  

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