Plant Autumn Crocus for Late-Season Blooms 

This flower blooms in late summer. Do you recognise it? James Lenfield, Birds & Blooms reader.  


Your mystery plant is a Colchicum, not an autumn crocus. Bulb planting in late summer or early autumn produces autumn flowers the same year. Find out when to plant lily bulbs.  


he next spring, the bulbs grow 6- to 8-inch leaves for 6–8 weeks before dying. In late summer or early autumn, flowers bloom. The leafless blooms surprise the late-season garden.  


“We found this purple tulip-like flower at a cemetery. What is it? requests reader Tamara DiBartola.  


Melinda: Autumn crocus is botanically called as Colchicum. Spring leaves expire after a month or two.   


Autumn brings these little leafless blossoms. Buy these from a bulb company, which sells many types.  


Autumn crocus bulbs bloom quickly after planting in late summer or early autumn. Combine these bulbs with annual or perennial blooms in borders or ground coverings.   


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