Plant Gin Fizz Juniper for a Bush Bursting With Berries 

Gin Fizz juniper bush is low-maintenance and beautiful year-round. Plus, you'll draw hungry berry-loving birds!  

It's also a good substitute for arborvitae, a popular evergreen. Gin Fizz has beautiful fruit and is smaller than some arborvitae, although both shrubs flourish in full sun.  

Why You Should Grow a Gin Fizz Juniper Bush



It can also replace arborvitae, a popular evergreen. Gin Fizz is smaller than shrubs like arborvitae but has gorgeous fruit. Both thrive in full sun.      

Gin Fizz junipers survive drought and require little care once grown. Pruning should be limited and rare. This juniper is difficult to recover after deep pruning, so clip softly.  

How to Grow a Gin Fizz Juniper Bush



Gin Fizz juniper is worth planting for birdwatchers. It attracts birds with its abundant berries. The berries bloom in July and birds start collecting them. It's a cheap approach to attract birds.    

Gin Fizz Juniper Bush Wildlife Benefit



What doesn't attract may be as intriguing. Gin Fizz juniper shrubs rarely attract deer. Gardeners in white tail-rich areas can relax knowing their hedges won't be deer food.    

Attract Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies and Caterpillars 

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